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Year Founded in 2009

CEO CEO: Fathy Yassa

Headquarters HQ: California

Welcome to Speech Morphing, a global leader in AI speech technology that's transforming the way we interact with machines and bridge language divides.

Speech Morphing: Revolutionizing Voice Synthesis

  • Advanced Neural Voice Synthesis: Speech Morphing offers premier neural voice synthesis productions using Natural Language Speech Synthesis (NLSS) technology.
  • Quick Audio Description Services: Fast turnaround for audio descriptions in documentaries and movie productions.
  • Multilingual Educational Videos and Documentaries: Neural voices capable of speaking multiple languages for versatile dubbing needs.
  • Customized Augmentative & Alternative Communication: Offering voice modeling and cloning with explicit prosody training for AAC or Audio Restoration.

About Speech Morphing Systems, Inc.

  • Pioneering AI Speech Technology: A global leader in AI speech technology, Speech Morphing, Inc. is revolutionizing human-machine interactions and cross-lingual communications.
  • Innovative NLSS: Their NLSS technology stands out by offering multi-style, multi-tone, and multi-lingual speech synthesis, providing more human-like, emotionally intelligent communication.
  • Cross-Lingual Communication Platform: Breaking down language barriers, Speech Morphing, Inc.’s platform fosters connections across different cultures and backgrounds.

Our Services and Team

  • Global Impact and Solutions: Collaborating with voice application developers and consumers to deliver sophisticated voice solutions globally.
  • Diverse Applications: Speech Morphing, Inc.’s technology is utilized in entertainment, AAC apps, digital assistants, and customer experience platforms.
  • Global Presence: Headquartered in San Jose, California, with additional offices in Israel and Europe.

Speech Morphing, Inc. is at the forefront of voice synthesis, offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance communication across a multitude of platforms and languages.

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