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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Arto Yeritsyan

Headquarters HQ: United States

Welcome to the world of Podcastle, an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the way you create podcasts.

  • Podcastle: Streamlining Podcast Creation: Podcastle is an AI-powered podcasting software designed to make podcasting accessible for creators of all skill levels, offering tools to produce professional-quality podcasts and videos.
  • Comprehensive Podcasting Solution:
    • Create: Produce professional-grade podcasts and videos.
    • Edit: Utilize user-friendly AI editing tools for swift, efficient editing.
    • Publish: Distribute your content on major platforms to grow your audience.
  • Advanced Recording Studio: Record with up to 10 participants on separate tracks, ensuring high-quality uncompressed WAV audio and 4K video, even with internet disruptions.
  • Intuitive Audio Editor: Experience an easy-to-use audio workstation equipped with AI noise removal, equalization, text editing, and a royalty-free music library.
  • Dynamic Video Editor: Enhance your visual storytelling with custom branding, unique layouts, lower thirds, and clip highlights for social media sharing.
  • Innovative AI-Generated Voices: Quickly create podcasts using diverse AI voices or clone your own voice, simply by typing in a script.
  • Efficient Hosting Hub: Get a dedicated Podcastle page for hosting your content, and seamlessly publish episodes across major podcast networks.
  • Team Collaboration Features: Designed for collaborative work, ensuring your entire team can contribute effectively.
  • AI-Powered Studio Expertise:
    • Magic Dust: Simplify advanced audio editing with AI assistance.
    • Text to Speech: Transform text into natural-sounding voiceovers with a variety of human voice skins.
    • AI Silence Removal: Eliminate long pauses from your audio with a single click.
    • Filler Word Detection: Automatically remove filler words like “ahs” and “uhms”.
    • Transcription Services: Convert audio files into text for broader accessibility and discoverability.
    • Royalty-Free Music Library: Access over 7,000 tracks of royalty-free music and sound effects.

Podcastle offers an end-to-end solution for podcast creation, combining advanced AI features with user-friendly interfaces to empower creators in crafting captivating audio and video content.

Business Custom Invoicing available

  • Unlimited video recording
  • Custom Transcription and Text-to-Speech plans
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Dedicated account manager

Pro $23.99 /mo per creator *$287.90 billed yearly

  • Revoice: an AI clone of your own voice
  • Filler Word detection & removal
  • 20 hours of video recording
  • 25 hours of AI-powered transcription
  • 20 hours of Text-to-Speech with AI Voices
  • AI-generated episode summaries
  • Priority customer support

Storyteller $11.99 /mo per creator *$143.90 billed yearly

  • Intuitive AI audio editing
  • 8 hours of video recording
  • Lossless quality audio & video downloads
  • Royalty-free music library
  • 10 hours of Transcription
  • 8 hours of Text-to-Speech with AI Voices

Basic Free (limit 1 creator) *No credit card required

  • Multi-track recording for 10 remote guests
  • Unlimited audio recording & editing
  • 3 hours of video recording [lifetime]
  • Unlimited podcast hosting & publishing
  • Collaborate with your whole team

Try Podcastle Text to Speech

Podcasting made easy Podcastle empowers creators of all backgrounds and experience levels with an intuitive, AI-powered podcasting software

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