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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Girish Singh

Headquarters HQ: India

Embrace the future of content creation with our AI voice generator, offering lifelike text-to-speech solutions for a range of needs.

  • AI Voice Generator: Lifelike Text to Speech Solutions
    • An all-in-one toolkit for AI voiceovers, providing studio-like editing features. Manage everything from one central location with unlimited previewing, exporting, hosting, and streaming.
  • Versatile Text-to-Speech Capabilities
    • AI Voiceover Generator: Create professional voiceovers using AI.
    • Audio Articles: Convert written content into audio with realistic text-to-speech.
    • Text-to-Speech API: Integrate voice into your apps with our API.
    • Podcasts Without Recording: Generate podcasts directly from text using lifelike audio.
  • AI Voices for Diverse Content
    • Customize your audio brand with advanced options. Utilize the latest AI text-to-speech technology for natural accents and realistic pronunciation.
  • Extensive Voice and Language Options
    • Choose from over 900 AI voices in 145+ languages and accents. Leverage deep learning technology and a visual audio editor for high-quality audio content creation.
  • Professional Quality Audio
    • Elevate your content with a full suite of advanced AI voice generation tools, ensuring realistic voices for all types of content.
  • Stay Ahead with AI Voice Technology
    • Prepare for the booming AI voice trend and revolutionize your content creation strategy.

Enterprise Custom Custom features and priority support for large publishers and brands

  • Unlimited Words
  • Custom Integrations
  • Audio Advertising
  • Volume Pricing

Advanced $99 /mo Professional quality AI audio tools for agencies and publishers

  • 500,000 Words
  • Pronunciation Library
  • Pre/Post Roll Audio
  • API Access

Standard $59 /mo Tools for small agencies and content teams to leverage AI voiceovers

  • 250,000 Words
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Audio Analytics
  • White-labelled Players

Starter $19 /mo Basic toolkit for individuals to start using AI voiceover generation

  • 50,000 Words
  • Full voiceover studio
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Commercial Rights

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