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CEO CEO: Brahim

Welcome to Leelo AI, your dynamic speech production partner, revolutionizing the way you transform written text into captivating spoken word.

Leelo AI: Your Ultimate Speech Production Partner

  • Seamless Content Transformation: Convert text into engaging speech for presentations, promotional videos, and audiobooks with Leelo AI.
  • Effortless Text-to-Speech: Leelo’s AI technology turns written words into lifelike speech easily.
  • Efficient Audio Management: Organize, export, and store your audio files in the cloud; share as podcasts to broaden your reach.
  • Accessible and Convenient: Edit scripts using ChatGPT and integrate Leelo AI Articles Reader widget on your website.
  • Free Trial and Subscription: Start with a free trial to explore the diverse voices and languages offered by Leelo AI.
  • Emotion-Infused AI Voices: Experience AI voices designed to express genuine human emotions, making your audio content deeply engaging.
  • Powerful Features:
    • Over 800 voices in 142 languages.
    • Female, male, and children voices available.
    • Cloud storage for generated speech files.
    • Free commercial use of generated speech.
    • Leelo Widget for website integration.
    • Usage monitoring dashboard.
    • Multi-lingual and various speaking styles.

Revitalize Various Sectors with Leelo AI

  • Video Ads: Create persuasive voiceovers to captivate your audience.
  • Documentaries: Narrate stories with depth and nuance.
  • Audiobooks: Turn written words into memorable auditory experiences.
  • Newscast: Deliver news with clarity and authority.
  • Podcasts: Produce high-quality episodes with dynamic voices.
  • Sales Videos: Enhance your strategy with compelling narrations.
  • E-Learning: Provide clear, articulate voiceovers for educational content.

Transform Text into Speech with Leelo AI

  • Easy Process: Write or paste text, select language and voice, generate speech, and share your work effortlessly.

Embrace the future of communication with Leelo AI. Transform your text into captivating speech quickly and effectively, and amplify your message like never before. Ready to get started? Explore the endless possibilities with Leelo AI today.

  • Commercial rights

UNLIMITED $ 54.2 /month $650.8 billed yearly

  • Unlimited
  • Premium voices
  • Commercial rights
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Audio widget integration
  • Priority technical support

PROFESSIONAL $ 20.7 /month $248.6 billed yearly

  • 1.440.000 words
  • ~7.200.000 Characters
  • ~184hrs 36mins
  • Premium voices
  • Commercial rights
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Audio widget integration
  • Standard technical support

PERSONAL $ 12.3 /month $147.8 billed yearly

  • 600.000 words
  • ~3.000.000 Characters
  • ~76hrs 55mins
  • Premium voices
  • Commercial rights
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Standard technical support


  • 1.000 words
  • ~5.000 Characters
  • ~8mins
  • Premium voices
  • No Commercial rights
  • No Credit Card required

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Leelo AI Your Powerful Speech Production Partner

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