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Year Founded in 2019

CEO CEO: Pat Walls

Welcome to BlogcastTM, the ultimate solution for transforming your written content into engaging audio experiences without the hassle of recording.

Create a Podcast Effortlessly with Blogcast

  • No Recording Needed: Turn your blog posts and content into clear, natural-sounding speech for podcasts, videos, and more using text-to-speech technology.

Give Your Articles a Voice

  • AI-Powered Audio Generation: BlogcastTM transforms any text-based content into audio. Create podcasts, download raw audio files, or embed audio on your site.
  • Fast and Automated: No human transcription required, fully automated podcast creation.
  • Engaging Audio for Various Uses: Enhance blogs, videos, podcasts, eLearning, demos, and audio books.

Features for Every Need

  • High-Quality Audio: Convert articles into AI-generated, natural-sounding audio.
  • Wide Range of Voices: Over 110 neural voices in 25+ languages and dialects.
  • Powerful Editor: Control voices, pronunciation, tone, and pauses. Mix multiple voices in a single article.
  • Convenient Hosting: Store and stream audio files on our servers or download MP3s for other platforms.
  • Podcast Ready: Create and host podcast feeds, submit to major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
  • Customizable Media Player: Embed audio with the BlogcastTM media player on your blog or website.
  • Easy Import & Sync: Automatically fetch and convert new articles from URLs or RSS feeds.
  • WordPress Plugin: Instantly add audio to your WordPress posts.

BlogcastTM is your all-in-one solution to voice-enable your content, reaching a broader audience and enhancing user engagement with minimal effort.

Business $59 /mo

  • 100 articles per month

Professional $22 /mo

  • 30 articles per month

Starter $8 /mo 10 articles per month


Try Blogcast Text to Speech

Create a Podcast without recording.

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