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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Aaron Jones

Headquarters HQ: England

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of transforming text into professional video with our innovative platform.

  • Effortless Text-to-Video Conversion: Transform text into professional videos, ideal for customer onboarding, staff guidance, and outbound sales, without the hassle of traditional filming.
  • Four Simple Steps to High-Quality Video:
    • Step 1: Choose an Avatar: Select from a diverse range of digital talent or create your own avatar.
    • Step 2: Script Your Message: Type or paste your script, or opt to upload your own voiceover.
    • Step 3: Customize Your Video: Pick the voice and language for your script, select a background, and add shapes, arranging elements as you like.
    • Step 4: Receive Your Video: Download, edit, or translate your video into different languages to suit your audience.
  • Dynamic AI Avatars: Access a wide variety of AI avatars, available 24/7, speaking over 110 languages and dialects, with diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities. Bring any photo to life or generate characters with studio express.
  • Extensive Voice Options: Choose from 480+ AI voices integrated with ChatGPT-4, capable of transforming scripts into 110 languages and dialects. Upload your own voiceover or change the video language anytime.
  • Customizable Video Slides: Create professional videos easily, with editable avatars, voices, languages, and backgrounds. Integrate with your CRM or use Zapier to turn it into a video generation tool, automating videos for your entire database.
  • Versatile Applications for Various Markets: Explore examples of AI video applications across different business sectors, including marketing & sales, customer service, e-learning & training, and more.

This platform offers a streamlined, AI-driven approach to video production, making it simpler and more efficient to produce engaging, professional content for a wide range of business needs.

Premium $380 per user/month Power Users & Chat Bots

  • 4000 Credits/Month
  • No watermarks
  • 10 Slides per Video
  • API Access
  • Up to 1333 mins of video (22 hours)

Plus $100 per user/month For a growing business

  • 750 Credits/Month
  • No watermarks
  • 10 Slides per Video
  • API Access
  • Up to 250 mins of video (4 hours)

Standard $36 per user/month For creators

  • 200 Credits/Month
  • No watermarks
  • 10 Slides per Video
  • Up to 66 mins of video (1 hour)

Consumer $8 per user/month The best plan for getting started

  • 50 Credits/Month
  • Access to Studio Pro
  • Watermarked videos
  • Render up to 16 video mins

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