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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Garry

Headquarters HQ: Germany

Discover the future of audio content creation with VoiceOverMaker, an AI-powered text-to-speech platform.

  • AI-Powered Text-to-Speech Platform: Transform your text into lifelike voiceovers with VoiceOverMaker. Ideal for YouTube, podcasts, gaming videos, and more, our state-of-the-art converter offers natural-sounding audio. Test it for free and experience AI’s power in audio creation.
  • Professional Voice-Over Creation: Seamlessly produce voice-overs for videos and audio content. Our advanced editor allows for project management, video editing, time-stretching, and custom speech adjustments like pitch, speed, emphasis, whispering, or breathing effects.
  • Natural Voice Generation: Utilizing advanced neural networks, VoiceOverMaker delivers top-quality, natural-sounding language. Supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) with a handy SSML-Editor tutorial.
  • Browser-Based Convenience: Easily generate voiceovers directly in your browser. Simply select your video and input text for instant voice generation.
  • Multilingual Support: Convert voiceovers or text-to-speech into various languages effortlessly. VoiceOverMaker enables easy automatic translation.
  • Versatile File Conversion: Convert text-to-speech into MP3, WAV, or MP4 formats. Batch processing for ebooks and other text formats is available.
  • Team Collaboration Features: Enhance content production by collaborating with your team. VoiceOverMaker supports teamwork, idea sharing, and joint project work, perfect for scaling content creation.
  • YouTube Video Optimization: Create and save voice-overs for YouTube videos like explainer videos, tutorials, and screencasts directly in MP4 format.
  • Audio & Video Transcription Services: Simplify transcription and translation of your audio. Automatically dub and translate videos with our efficient services.
  • Integrated Screen Recorder: Record videos, like screencasts, directly in your browser and add voiceovers effortlessly.
  • Extensive Language and Voice Options: Over 600+ voices in 30+ languages and dialects, powered by groundbreaking WaveNet technology for high-quality, natural voice generation.
  • Diverse Language Availability: Supports a wide range of languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.
  • Dynamic Use Cases: Utilize our text-to-speech technology for AI voiceovers in videos, e-learning, video translation, website accessibility, IVR systems, podcasts, audiobooks, language training, audio tours, and social media content.
  • Advanced WaveNet Technology: Leverage DeepMind’s research for human-like voice synthesis. Access 260+ WaveNet voices, with ongoing additions.
  • Join Our Growing Community: Start your podcast or YouTube channel using VoiceOverMaker. Trusted by over 100,000 users and 3,100 companies, with more than 4,000 voice-over videos and 2.9 million voices created.

Large $37

  • Includes 300,000 chars (credits) and all functions

Medium $16

  • Includes 120,000 chars (credits) and all functions

Standard $10

  • Includes 60,000 chars (credits) and all functions

Free of Charge $0

  • Includes 800 chars (credits) and all functions

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