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CEO CEO: Carlos Puigjaner

Headquarters HQ: Barcelona

Welcome to Verbio, where advanced Text-to-Speech technology meets your brand's voice.

Verbio: Elevate Your Brand with Advanced Text-to-Speech Technology

  • Innovative Text-to-Speech: Transform your brand voice with emotional depth, multiple languages, dialects, and intonations for a more expressive communication.

Enhance Customer Experience

  • 24/7 Customer Service: Meet the high demands of customers with natural, friendly, and efficient voice AI, available round the clock.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: High transcription accuracy using Deep Neural Networks, capable of recognizing various languages, dialects, accents, and intonations.
  • Natural Voice Synthesis: Evolve text-to-speech sounds naturally without robotic tones, ensuring clear and trustworthy pronunciation.

Features of Verbio’s Solution

  • Versatile and High-Quality Audio: Device-agnostic solution enhancing self-service applications, mobile apps, wearables, e-learning, and more.
  • Ready-to-Use Voices: Extensive catalog of voices in various languages, dialects, and accents.
  • Customizable Voice Options: Create exclusive voices tailored to your brand in just a few weeks.
  • Multilingual Conversations: Seamlessly switch between different languages in the same sentence.

Improving Call and Contact Centers

  • Self-Service with Personalized TTS: Automate interactions, save on resources, and improve customer satisfaction with efficient, self-service voice technology.
  • Efficient Outbound Calls: Increase call success rates with automated dialing and routing, reducing the need for human agents.

Unique Brand Voice

  • Voice as a Brand Differentiator: Stand out with a unique, human-like brand voice that fosters customer connection and loyalty.
  • Custom Voice Development: Develop new voices tailored to your brand identity, with exclusive rights and a perfect fit for your company.

Verbio harnesses the power of AI to give your brand a distinct voice, transforming customer interactions into memorable experiences. Our text-to-speech solution is not just about communication—it’s about creating connections that resonate with your audience.

Try Verbio Text to Speech

An innovative way to express your brand voice, communicating emotions, different languages, dialects, and intonations