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Year Founded in 2022

CEO CEO: Eric Jung

Headquarters HQ: United States

Discover UnrealSpeech: Your cost-effective solution to high-quality Text-to-Speech needs.

UnrealSpeech: Cut Text-to-Speech Costs Drastically

  • Massive Savings: Save up to 90% compared to Eleven Labs and Play.ht, and double the savings on Amazon, Microsoft, and Google’s offerings.
  • Volume Discounts: The more you speak, the less you pay. Begin at no cost and discover discounts as your usage grows.

Affordable Scaling

  • Generous Character Allowance: Get started with 625 million characters per month.
  • Substantial Audio Output: Enjoy around 14,000 hours of audio with our Enterprise Plan.
  • Predictable Pricing: Only $4,999/month for our Enterprise Plan, plus just $8 for each additional 1 million characters.

Advanced Features

  • Per-Word Sync: Keep your audience engaged with highlighted text that matches the spoken word.
  • High-Speed API: Develop real-time applications and produce long-form audio with incredible speed.

Professional-Quality Studio

  • Unreal Speech Studio: Craft studio-quality voiceovers for podcasts and videos effortlessly.

Custom Contact Us

  • 1B+ characters
  • Volume discounts

Enterprise $4999/mo

  • 625M characters
  • 14K hours of audio

Pro $1499/mo

  • 150M characters
  • 3K hours of audio

Plus $499/mo

  • 42 Million characters
  • 933 hours of audio

Basic $49/mo

  • 3M characters
  • 67 hours of audio

Free $0

  • 1M characters (one time)
  • 22 hours of audio

Try Unreal Speech Text to Speech

Slash Text-to-Speech Costs by up to 90%