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Year Founded in 2018

CEO CEO: Ron Jaworski

Headquarters HQ: Israel

Trinity Audio presents a transformative approach to creating audio content, offering a seamless, AI-driven solution for turning your written material into captivating audio experiences.

  • Trinity Audio: Crafting Audio Worlds for Your Audience: Our AI-driven solutions enable the creation of rich audio experiences, guiding you through every step from content conversion to distribution, and even monetization.
  • Audio Anytime, Anywhere: Provide your audience with the flexibility to consume your content in audio format, suitable for any setting or time.
  • Seamless Entry into Audio: In a world where an audio presence is essential for brands and content creators, Trinity Audio offers an effortless gateway to your audio future.
  • Comprehensive Audio Solutions:
    • Content Creation and Integration: Transform your content into engaging audio experiences.
    • Content Recommendation: Introduce your audience to relevant audio content.
    • Reporting and Best Practices: Utilize Trinity Audio’s reporting features for optimal audio strategy.
  • Accessible Audio Creation and Learning:
    • Get Started: Begin crafting your audio experiences with ease.
    • Knowledge Hub: Explore our blog for insights and tips on audio content.
  • Innovative Product Suite:
    • Trinity Player: Convert content to audio with just a few clicks.
    • Trinity Pulse: Enhance your website with a playlist of top audio content.
    • Trinity Octopus: Customize and distribute the listening experience to perfection.
  • Platform Strengths:
    • Robust and Scalable: Built to handle diverse and expanding audio needs.
    • Seamless and Simple: User-friendly interface for effortless audio creation and distribution.

Trinity Audio stands as a comprehensive platform, offering robust and scalable solutions for converting, distributing, and enhancing your content in audio form. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency for anyone looking to delve into the world of audio.

PREMIUM Contact Sales A Custom Solution for large corporations & publications

  • Exclusive - Trinity Editor
  • Monetization
  • Support - 24/7
  • Customizable themes

ADVANCED $149 .90 / month A solution made for Large publications.

  • Automated content categorization
  • Reporting API

STANDARD $70 .75 / month Perfect for medium publications with larger content volume.

  • Voice styles
  • Support - Up to 1 business days
  • Player feedback
  • Lexicon - Full access
  • CMS - Full access
  • Predefined themes selection
  • Advanced reporting
  • AMP support
  • SDK support
  • Playlist management
  • Playlist units

BASIC $15 .75 / month Perfect for Blogs & Small publications.

  • 143 Supported languges
  • Premium voices
  • Lexicon - 5 words limit
  • Speed settings
  • Translation
  • CMS - Read only
  • Default themes
  • Dashboard monthly view

STARTER $ See how it works for FREE.

  • 56 Supported languges (standard languages only!)
  • Support - Up to 2 business days
  • JS integration
  • Google Tag Manager implementation

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