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Year Founded in 2019

CEO CEO: Warren Leow

Headquarters HQ: Singapore

Meet Speechmaker, your go-to online AI voice generator that effortlessly transforms text into realistic, natural-sounding voiceovers in seconds. Speechmaker: AI-Powered Voiceover Generation

  • Instant AI Voiceovers: Quickly convert text into natural-sounding voiceovers using our online AI voice generator.
  • Free to Try: Experience Speechmaker’s capabilities with no initial cost.

Advanced AI Technology

  • Smart Voice Generation: Utilizes advanced text-to-speech AI to create voiceovers that sound natural, adjusting tone and pitch to match your script.
  • Efficient and User-Friendly: Automatically saves projects, streamlining the voiceover process.

Global Language Support

  • Multilingual Voices: Engage an international audience with over 20 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean.
  • Diverse Voice Options: Choose from 50+ high-quality voices, featuring various languages and accents.

Simple and Intuitive Process

  • User-Friendly Interface: Enter your script, select preferences, and generate voiceovers directly in your browser.
  • Easy Access: Download your projects in MP3 format without needing any external software.

Quick Three-Step Generation

  1. Script Entry: Input your script and choose a language and voice.
  2. AI Generation: The AI analyzes and creates a realistic voiceover.
  3. Preview and Download: Easily preview and export your voiceover.

Versatile for All Content Creators

  • Influencers to Enterprises: Ideal for a range of users from social media influencers to large enterprises.
  • Diverse Applications: Create voiceovers for explainer videos, promo videos, e-learning, and more, saving time and money.
  • Educational and Governmental Use: Perfect for educational content and government announcements in multiple languages.

Additional Loved Features

  • Auto-Save Functionality: Automatically saves each voice project for instant preview and export.
  • Free Daily Usage: Get up to 500 free characters per day as a free user.
  • Online Accessibility: Access and generate all voiceovers online with no installation hassle. Speechmaker simplifies voiceover creation, making it accessible and efficient for users of all types, from individual content creators to large organizations.

ENTERPRISE $169 /mo $2,028 billed yearly

  • For large teams and agencies that need unified branding at scale and collaboration.

PRO $49 /mo $588 billed yearly

  • For professionals seeking advanced editing capabilities and exclusive, top-tier templates.

BASIC $19 /mo $228 billed yearly

  • For individuals, students, and marketers that need quick, easy projects.

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