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Year Founded in 2016

CEO CEO: Eric Jang

Headquarters HQ: California

Welcome to DeepBrain AI Studios, where the art of video production meets the efficiency of AI technology.

  • DeepBrain AI Studios: Revolutionizing Video Production: DeepBrain AI Studios streamlines the traditional video production process, providing a comprehensive platform to meet all your video creation needs.
  • Efficient Text-to-Video Conversion: Quickly turn text into videos in mere minutes, catering to various sectors including education, sales, media, and marketing.
  • Get Started for Free: Create your first AI Studios video with no cost. Enjoy a free welcome credit, user-friendly interface, and no requirement for a credit card.
  • Advanced Text-to-Video Features:
    • ChatGPT Integration: Enhance your workflow by transforming blogs, PDFs, PPTs, or URLs into videos effortlessly, reducing production time and costs significantly.
    • Lifelike Text-to-Speech Voices: Choose from over 80 text-to-speech languages and 100+ natural AI voices, perfect for creating high-quality voiceovers at scale.
    • Realistic AI Avatars: Access 100+ hyper-realistic AI avatars for various video types, including educational presentations, product demos, and personalized marketing videos. Option to create custom avatars is also available.
    • Extensive Template Library: Begin your project with 500+ professionally designed, easily editable video templates suitable for a wide range of uses, from social media posts to business presentations.
  • AI Studios: Empowering Your Creative Vision: DeepBrain’s AI Studios is not just a tool but a powerful ally in your creative journey, offering unparalleled ease and efficiency in producing high-quality, AI-generated videos.

Enterprise Let’s Talk (Custom Pricing) Special Plan for Long Term Professional Use

  • Includes all Pro features
  • Up to 50 scenes per video
  • Custom AI Avatar
  • 24/7 Priority Support

Pro $ 180 /mo Ideal Plan for Small Businesses Ready to Grow

  • Total 90 Minutes / Month
  • Up to 20 minutes per video
  • Up to 25 scenes per video
  • 100+ AI Avatars
  • 80+ Languages & Voices
  • No Watermark
  • Priority Video Processing
  • API Access

Starter $ 24 /mo Ideal Plan for Those Just Starting Out

  • Total 10 minutes / Month
  • Up to 10 minutes per video
  • Up to 6 scenes per video
  • 100+ AI Avatars
  • 80+ Languages & Voices
  • No Watermark

Try AI Studios Text to Studios

Realistic AI avatars, natural text-to-speech, and powerful text-to-video capabilities all in one AI video editor. Accelerate your video projects at scale with AI-powered video creation.

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