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Year Founded in 2007

CEO CEO: Rod Macaulay

Headquarters HQ: Scotland

Introducing WordTalk, a free and innovative text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word, designed to enhance your documents by reading and highlighting them aloud.

WordTalk Discover this complimentary text-to-speech add-on for Microsoft Word, designed to read and vocalize your documents.

Functionality WordTalk serves as a ‘text reader,’ converting your documents into spoken words while simultaneously highlighting them for easy following.

Origin Since its inception in 2007 by Rod Macaulay of TASSC in Aberdeen, Scotland, WordTalk has been a popular tool with over 170,000 downloads. Rod’s innovative work even earned him a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award.

Benefits Especially helpful for individuals with reading and writing challenges, WordTalk’s auditory reinforcement aids comprehension. It’s also a valuable tool for proofreading and language learning.

Compatibility WordTalk is designed for Microsoft Windows systems and is compatible with Word 2007 or newer, requiring a computer synthetic voice (SAPI 4 or 5).

Using WordTalk The WordTalk toolbar integrates seamlessly under the ‘Add-Ins’ tab in Microsoft Word. Simply place your cursor where you wish to begin, and use one of the first four buttons on the toolbar to start the speech (entire document, paragraph, sentence, or word). As it reads, WordTalk will highlight each word.


  • Vocalizes and highlights entire documents, paragraphs, or words.
  • Customizable text highlighting.
  • Talking dictionary for understanding words.
  • Options to adjust the voice, speed, and highlight colors.
  • Converts text to audio files (wav or mp3) for easy listening on the go.

Free Download

  • Microsoft Windows - does not work on a Mac, etc.
  • Word 2007 upwards.
  • SAPI4 or 5 synthetic voice - such as the Scottish Voice.

Try WordTalk Text to Speech

A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word

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