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Year Founded in 2018

CEO CEO: Matt Hocking and Michael Petrochuk

Headquarters HQ: Seattle

Step into the future of content creation with WellSaid Labs' Realistic AI Voice Generator.

Transform Text into Engaging Voiceovers Instantly Access a vast selection of the highest-quality AI voices and create captivating content effortlessly while saving valuable time and resources.

Powerful AI Voice Generator Direct AI voices with precision, controlling tone, punctuation, and emphasis as you see fit. You’re the director, guiding the AI to perform exactly as needed.

Complete Command Over Speech Adjust how words sound with respellings in our text editor, ensuring AI voices deliver each syllable perfectly.

Dynamic AI Voices for Performance Instruct AI voices to change emotions and pacing, enhancing the storytelling impact.

Lifelike AI Voice Generation for Projects Tailor AI voice content to resonate with distinct audience personalities.

Discover Your AI Voice Choose from a broad range of voice Avatars in our AI voice maker to perfectly match your content.

Accelerate Production Generate AI voiceovers directly from scripts, selecting from multiple voices for variety.

Streamline Team Collaboration Facilitate project sharing and co-production with team members.

Top-Tier AI Voice Generation for Enterprises WellSaid Labs understands the intricacies of digital voice integration. We collaborate with world-class voice talents to deliver the most natural-sounding AI voices for your digital content, experiences, and products.

Consistent, High-Quality AI Voices Maintain your brand’s sonic identity with our AI voices that ensure consistent quality and tone over time.

Engaging Listeners with Realistic AI Voices Capture and retain listener attention with AI voices designed for clarity and engagement.

Global Voice Diversity Explore our wide range of accents and languages to cater to a global audience. Custom Voices are available to meet specific needs.

Reliable Infrastructure for Voice Generation Trusted by major companies, our platform offers stability and security for all your voice generation needs.

Ethical AI Voice Creation We prioritize consent and ethics, never creating voices without explicit permission. Our content moderation ensures responsible AI use.

Align AI Voice with Your Brand Personalize voice creation to bring your brand to life, ensuring content is not just heard but remembered.

Explore Our Expansive AI Voice Library Find the perfect voice for any interaction or story in our extensive library, suitable for various projects and brand requirements.

Flawless Narration for Diverse Content Whether it’s eLearning, advertising, immersive products, or video production, our AI voices enhance narratives flawlessly.

Mission-Critical Content Creation Large and small companies trust WellSaid to produce crucial content, bringing teams together and scaling voice production to meet any requirement.

Our Commitment We’re dedicated to creating empowering, engaging technology that’s fair to everyone. We stand by transparency and accountability in our AI development, ensuring security and user privacy.

Team $179 per user per month billed annually

  • A unified creative workspace for your team
  • 100 total projects
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Dedicated support

Creative $89 per month billed annually

  • 50 Projects
  • All Voice Avatars
  • 80+ Voice Styles
  • 5,000 chars/clip
  • Unlimited retakes
  • Multiple formats
  • Live chat support

Maker $44 per month billed annually

  • Access to 24 pre-selected Avatars
  • 5 Projects
  • 24 Voice Avatars
  • 30+ Voice Styles
  • 5,000 chars/clip
  • Unlimited retakes
  • MP3 file format

Trial $0

  • Try out all Voice Avatars for 1 week!

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