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CEO CEO: Staffan Hedström

Headquarters HQ: Reykjavík, Iceland

WebRICE is a text-to-speech Chrome extension tailored for Icelandic content, offering an accessible way to listen to web text.

WebRICE, an Icelandic web reader, enables text-to-speech functionality for website content in Icelandic. Users can activate the reading of selected text or an entire web page with simple controls like play, pause, and stop. The extension also offers customization features, such as voice selection, volume adjustment, and playback speed control. Advanced options include settings for SSML and integration with AWS Polly. Developed by the University of Reykjavik’s Language and Voice Technology Lab, WebRICE is part of the Icelandic Language Technology Program and uses Material Design for its icons.

WebRICE stands out for its user-centric design, aimed at enhancing web accessibility for Icelandic speakers. This extension is particularly beneficial for individuals with reading difficulties or visual impairments, as it facilitates the consumption of web content through audio. Its integration with AWS Polly ensures a high-quality, lifelike speech output, making the listening experience more engaging. The project’s contribution to the Icelandic digital landscape is significant, as it promotes language preservation and accessibility in the digital era, aligning with the objectives of the Icelandic Language Technology Program.

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Text to speech service for Icelandic.