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Year Founded in 2014

CEO CEO: Bret Lester

Headquarters HQ: California

Discover WebOutLoud, your personal tool for experiencing the web audibly, perfect for those with dyslexia, visual impairments, or anyone seeking a break from screen reading.

Experience the internet audibly with text-to-speech technology. Ideal for individuals with dyslexia, visual impairments, students, researchers, kids, or anyone learning to read.

Transform your reading experience and give your eyes some rest with WebOutLoud. It vocalizes websites aloud using the free voices in your web browser, with the option to enhance with Premium voices. No need to select text; it seamlessly reads through paragraphs, highlights words as it speaks, and saves your place when you pause.

Simply visit any webpage and activate WebOutLoud to start listening. It’s capable of reading various webpages, emphasizing words and paragraphs as it goes. Use Touch Assist to specify a starting point, or engage Reader Mode for a focused content experience. Choose from an array of voices, availability depending on your operating system and extensions.

WebOutLoud Premium Yearly $119.99


1 Million Premium Characters $39.99


WebOutLoud Premium $29.99


Try Premium Free $0 3-Day Trial

  • Choose from an additional 84 Natural-Sounding, HD voices across all major languages
  • PDF text-to-speech on iOS and Mac
  • Sync your saved content between iOS and Mac devices
  • Substitutions/Pronunciations (iOS and Mac apps)
  • No ads or popups

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Listen to the web using text to speech. Perfect for dyslexia, low vision, students, researchers, kids, learning to read.