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Experience a seamless reading journey with our 100% free text-to-speech extension. Designed to enhance your web browsing, this tool reads aloud without requiring text selection, highlighting each sentence for clarity.

Enjoy a 100% free, no-hassle text-to-speech extension that reads web pages aloud without any text selection required, highlighting one sentence at a time.


This extension offers seamless text-to-speech (TTS) functionality, enhancing your reading experience by vocalizing web content and highlighting sentences as it goes. It’s completely free, requires no registration, and is ad-free, ensuring a distraction-free environment. Designed to read from top to bottom by default, it also allows you to start from a selected point and provides improved sentence identification.

Use Cases

  • Perfect for students cramming for exams.
  • A great aid for the vision impaired.
  • Ideal for multitasking.
  • Enhances adult continuing education.
  • Assists in language learning.
  • Useful for preparing for technical interviews.
  • Provides a relaxing read-along for leisurely reading.


  • Navigation Control: Skip forward or backward, pause, resume, or repeat sentences.
  • Voice Customization: Adjust voice nationality, gender, pitch, rate, and volume.
  • Visual Customization: Change the background and font colors of the selected text.
  • Reading Customization: Opt to skip sections like code in software development texts.
  • Scrolling Options: Choose between normal page-down scrolling, centered sentence reading, or manual scrolling.
  • Keyboard Control: Manage the reader with easy keyboard shortcuts.
  • Upcoming Vocabulary Feature: Soon, add custom dictionaries for pronunciation and definitions right on the page.

This extension is not just a reader; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to make web content more accessible and engaging for a wide variety of users and needs.

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This extension reads web pages with text to speech (TTS) and highlights one sentence at a time.