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Unleash the power of audible web browsing with VoxReader, the innovative extension crafted for the time-conscious.

Explore any website audibly with VoxReader.

VoxReader is a specially designed extension for individuals who prioritize their time. It allows you to audibly bring to life any website content, whether it’s intriguing articles or entire books; your choices are limitless. VoxReader utilizes cutting-edge speech synthesis technology to simulate the sound of a real human voice, enabling you to effortlessly absorb large amounts of information audibly.

Key functionalities:

  • Converts any text on a page into speech.
  • Offers 9 different intonations, ensuring that an article and a children’s story are narrated distinctively.
  • Allows you to compile a playlist, mixing educational content with entertainment pieces.
  • Lets you adjust the speed of the narration.
  • Enables you to download the audio and listen on any device.
  • Optimally designed for both Russian and English. If you engage with English content or are learning the language, this extension is tailored for you.

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