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VoiceMagic Chrome Extension enhances your web experience by converting selected text into speech.

VoiceMagic Chrome Extension turns selected text into speech, enhancing your browsing experience. Here’s how to use it:

  • Enable VoiceMagic by clicking its icon and selecting “Enable” from the Chrome menu. Customize the voice and reading speed, or disable the feature as needed.
  • Select text on a webpage and listen to it through speakers or a headset.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page for an additional option to enable or disable text to speech.

VoiceMagic is perfect for those who prefer auditory content, including users with dyslexia or learning disabilities, and children learning to read. It’s compatible with a wide range of websites and supports over 40 languages. Enhance your learning and productivity by listening to content while multitasking. Customize your listening experience by adjusting voice, speed, and language. Stay informed with the latest news read aloud by the extension. Say goodbye to eye fatigue with VoiceMagic, transforming your web browsing into an audio experience.

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