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Year Founded in 2012

CEO CEO: Winston Chen

Headquarters HQ: United States

Introducing Voice Dream Reader, the ultimate text-to-speech tool designed to bring your reading to life. Accessible on iOS and macOS, this app allows you to listen to a wide array of text materials, from documents and emails to textbooks and articles.

Voice Dream Reader – The premier text-to-speech tool Engage with documents, textbooks, emails, PDFs, articles, and more. Accessible on iOS and macOS. Transform any text into an auditory experience.

Key Features

  • Extensive Voice Selection: Pick from over 200 voices, featuring a variety of accents and dialects. Enhanced with AI technology, find the voice that fits your preference.
  • Universal Reading: Instantly upload and listen to content from various sources. Whether it’s articles, PDFs, eBooks, or even scanned documents via camera, the app integrates with browser extensions for easy web page conversion. Turn any text, including audiobooks, into spoken words.
  • Offline Functionality: Voice Dream Reader operates smoothly without an internet connection, ensuring quick loading and data privacy. It’s perfect for use in any setting, be it on a train or plane.
  • Synchronized Text Highlighting: Enhance your understanding with real-time text highlighting. Engage further with features like bookmarks, annotations, and highlights, doubling your retention and comprehension compared to reading alone.
  • Customizable Audio Controls: Personalize your listening experience. Adjust voice, speed, pitch, and pause duration. Tailor your experience with a custom pronunciation dictionary, and choose to skip over marginal text and citations.

Monthly Subscription $8.99


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The most powerful text to speech reader Listen to docs, textbooks, emails, PDFs, articles, and more. Available on iOS and macOS. Read anything... by listening.

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