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Year Founded in 2018

CEO CEO: Sundar Pichai

Headquarters HQ: California

Voice Access is a transformative app designed to empower individuals with motor impairments to navigate and control their Android devices using just their voice.

Voice Access assists individuals who struggle with using a touch screen due to conditions like paralysis, tremor, or temporary injuries, enabling them to control their Android device through voice commands.

Voice Access offers a range of vocal instructions for:

  • Fundamental navigation (“go back”, “go home”, “open Gmail”)
  • Screen management (“tap next”, “scroll down”)
  • Text input and modification (“type hello”, “replace coffee with tea”)

Simply saying “Help” will provide a brief overview of available commands at any time.

The app includes a tutorial that covers the most frequently used commands, such as initiating Voice Access, selecting items, navigating, editing text, and accessing help.

Activate Voice Access via Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google, Voice Access”, after enabling “Hey Google” detection. Alternatively, start speaking by tapping the Voice Access notification or a blue button.

To momentarily stop Voice Access, say “stop listening”. To turn it off entirely, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access and deactivate it.

For further assistance, refer to the Voice Access help section.

This app utilizes the AccessibilityService API to aid users with motor impairments by gathering information about on-screen controls and executing actions based on spoken instructions.

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Voice Access helps anyone who has difficulty manipulating a touch screen (e.g. due to paralysis, tremor, or temporary injury) use their Android device by voice.