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The "Speech Voice Over Udemy Course" extension is an innovative tool for Udemy users, designed to overcome language barriers by providing a voice-over for course transcripts.

The “Speech Voice Over Udemy Course” Chrome extension is a useful tool for Udemy learners who struggle with understanding the accents of instructors. It provides an easy-to-use voice-over feature for course transcripts, enhancing the clarity and comprehensibility of the material. This function is particularly helpful for international students or those who prefer learning through listening.

In addition to its basic text-to-speech capabilities using Chrome’s built-in feature, the extension also supports Google’s premium Wavenet Text-to-Speech for a more advanced and natural-sounding voice. Users can activate this premium feature by setting an access token in the extension’s options page, allowing for a more personalized and comfortable learning experience.

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Use this extension when you can not understand accent of instructor.