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Year Founded in 2017

CEO CEO: Taesu Kim

Headquarters HQ: Korea

Our AI voice generator, Typecast, offers a groundbreaking approach to creating digital content with emotion-rich AI voice actors and avatars.

Experience the innovation of AI voice generation with our platform. Transform your scripts into captivating audio with AI voice actors and avatars, all through simple text input. Here’s what sets our AI voice generator apart:

  • AI Voice with Emotion: Inject life into scripts by shaping and fine-tuning the emotions of AI voice characters.
  • Cost-Effective Production: Cut studio costs by 4x, eliminating the need for equipment or actors, and enhance quality while reducing resources.
  • Effortless Content Creation: Quickly create professional-level audio and video content with AI voices and avatars.
  • Extensive Character Library: Choose from over 400 AI voices and avatars for diverse content needs.
  • Instant AI Voice Generation: Easily convert text into lifelike AI voices with emotion prompts, and download as shareable audio files.
  • Dynamic AI Avatars: Enhance video content with the perfect AI avatar, creating engaging presentations.
  • Voice Cloning: Create authentic voice clones in multiple languages, including Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, and German.
  • Ready-Made Examples: Spark creativity and explore Typecast with pre-made examples.

Dive into Typecast for a seamless, innovative content creation experience, and start with a free trial to discover the potential of AI in voice and video generation.

Business $89.99 /month

  • Corporations, public entities, agencies, MCNs
  • 6hrs of monthly download time
  • Custom voice
  • Additional custom voice slots
  • Additional download time
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Additional team member seats

Pro $32.99 /month

  • Content creators
  • 2 hrs of monthly download time
  • Custom voice
  • Detailed speech control
  • High quality audio download
  • High quality video download

Basic $8.99 /month

  • New content creators, students
  • 60 mins of monthly download time
  • All characters
  • File imports (Excel, PDF, TXT, EPUB, SRT)

Free Choose Free Version

  • Individual user
  • 5mins of monthly download time
  • Trial characters

Try Typecast Text to Speech

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