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Experience ChatGPT like never before with our voice-enabled extension.

Enhance your ChatGPT experience with our voice-enabled extension. This feature transforms the way you interact with ChatGPT by allowing voice-based communication. Speak your queries and listen to ChatGPT’s responses, offering a hands-free and convenient way to engage. Ideal for those who prefer speaking over typing, it serves as an effective voice assistant. Engage in discussions, seek answers, and delve into topics effortlessly.

Activate the conversation mode and let the extension seamlessly handle the exchange of questions and responses. Choose from three modes to suit your needs:

  1. Voice-to-Voice (Default) – Speak your questions and receive voice responses.
  2. Voice-to-Text – Ask using voice and read ChatGPT’s text replies.
  3. Text-to-Voice – Type your questions and listen to spoken answers.

This extension supports multiple languages, including Nepali, Chinese, and Korean, accurately converting spoken words into the respective scripts. It leverages your browser’s voice-to-text API, which may download additional voices as needed, depending on your system and network. Note that the voice-to-text accuracy and performance depend on your device’s capabilities and may be affected by high CPU usage.

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This extension for ChatGPT allows you to ask using voice and listen to response.