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Introducing our innovative voice interaction extension for Bing AI Chat, designed to transform your communication experience.

Enhance your Bing AI Chat experience with our new voice interaction extension. This tool allows you to engage in conversations with Bing AI using just your voice, both for asking questions and receiving responses. It’s designed for seamless, hands-free communication, making it ideal for those who prefer voice interaction with Bing AI. This extension acts as your personal voice assistant, enabling you to effortlessly obtain answers, discuss ideas, and navigate through various topics.

Activating the conversation mode is simple. Once enabled, the extension smartly alternates between listening to your queries and providing responses. You have the flexibility to choose from three different conversation modes:

  1. Voice-to-Voice (Default) – Speak your queries and receive voice responses from Bing AI.
  2. Voice-to-Text – Voice your questions and get text replies, ideal for reading.
  3. Text-to-Voice – Type your inquiries and listen to Bing AI’s voice responses, great for quiet environments where you can’t speak aloud.

The extension supports voice-based queries in several languages, including Nepali, Chinese, and Korean, converting your spoken words into the respective scripts. It utilizes your browser’s voice-to-text API, which might download additional voices for text-to-speech as required, depending on your system and connectivity. Please note that the accuracy and performance of voice-to-text are dependent on your device’s capabilities and may be affected by high CPU usage.

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