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Tweet2Audio is an innovative Chrome extension that transforms your Twitter feed into audio.

Tweet2Audio revolutionizes how you engage with Twitter by converting tweets into audio. This Chrome extension is perfect for those who want to stay updated without the hassle of continuously switching tabs. It reads your tweets aloud, seamlessly integrating with your work routine.

With Tweet2Audio, selecting and listening to tweets becomes effortless. Just choose the tweets you’re interested in and hit play. The extension uses text-to-speech technology to vocalize your selected tweets, ensuring you stay informed without constantly refreshing your feed.

Ideal for busy professionals, students, or anyone keen on keeping up with Twitter updates, Tweet2Audio offers a convenient, hands-free experience. Its user-friendly interface and control options make it a dynamic tool for auditory Twitter content consumption.

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Tweet2Audio is a simple and convenient chrome extension that allows you to listen to your tweets while you work.