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Year Founded in 2015

CEO CEO: Ronen Rabinovici

Introducing TTSReader, the versatile Chrome extension designed to vocalize text directly from any webpage. Whether you're browsing news, diving into wiki articles, or navigating content-rich sites like Wikipedia, TTSReader provides a seamless and secure experience without ever needing to leave the page.

Vocalize any page directly from within it, without navigating away. TTSreader consistently operates, even when you switch tabs, ensuring a straightforward, secure experience without compromising your privacy. Enjoy listening to news, wiki articles, and more, directly on their respective websites.

TTSreader excels with websites rich in content, such as Wikipedia articles. It’s important to note that the tool’s performance is contingent on the website’s structure and tagging. If TTSreader struggles with a particular site, you have the option to highlight text, right-click, and select ‘Play Selected Text’.

Main Features:

  • Full-Page Reading: Vocalizes entire pages for comprehensive listening.
  • Selective Reading: Right-click to read only the text you choose.
  • Reading Progress Tracking: Highlights the sentence being read for easy following.

Offering a range of voices and accents in multiple languages, TTSreader meets all your website reading needs in an uncomplicated, effective, and user-friendly manner. The extension is straightforward, turning any website text into spoken words with natural-sounding voices. Its icon sits on your Chrome’s toolbar, ensuring it’s always accessible. Simply select text and choose “Play Selected” from the right-click menu for immediate listening.

Customizable Listening Experience:

  • Voice and Language Selection: Pick from a diverse list.
  • Reading Speed Control: Adjust to your preferred pace.
  • Playback Controls: Play, pause, and navigate through text easily.
  • Selective Listening: Choose specific text sections for playback.
  • Multi-Site Browsing: Continue listening while you browse other sites.

Practical Uses of TTSreader:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Listen to articles and books while you work.
  • Multitasking: Engage with written content while you’re otherwise occupied.
  • Educational Benefit: Ideal for children’s learning and those with reading challenges.
  • Accessibility: Assists individuals facing reading difficulties.

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