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Introducing TTSMaker, your versatile and free text-to-speech tool.

TTSMaker, your go-to free text-to-speech tool, offers a wide range of speech synthesis services supporting multiple languages and voice styles. Whether it’s English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and more, TTSMaker has you covered. This versatile tool allows you to convert text into speech, making it perfect for reading text, e-books, and even creating audio files for commercial use, all at no cost.

Usage Scenarios

  1. Video Dubbing: TTSMaker serves as an AI voice generator, offering various character voices. This feature is popular for video dubbing on platforms like Youtube and TikTok, with a special selection of TikTok-style voices available for free.
  2. Audiobook Reading: Dive into the world of audiobooks by effortlessly converting text into natural speech. TTSMaker brings stories to life through immersive narration, making audiobook creation and enjoyment a breeze.
  3. Education & Training: Learning languages becomes easier with TTSMaker’s text-to-speech capabilities. It helps learners with pronunciation, supports multiple languages, and has become an invaluable tool for language education.
  4. Marketing & Advertising: Create compelling voiceovers for video ads using TTSMaker. Its high-quality audio generation is a boon for marketers and advertisers looking to explain product features effectively.


  • Fast Speech Synthesis: TTSMaker employs a powerful neural network inference model for rapid text-to-speech conversion.
  • Free for Commercial Use: You retain full copyright of the synthesized audio file, allowing you to use it for any legal purpose, including commercial use.
  • Continuous Updates: TTSMaker is regularly updated to support additional languages, voices, and new features.
  • Support Services: TTSMaker provides email support and offers text-to-speech API services. If you encounter any issues or have questions, our support team is ready to assist you via email or through our support page.

Explore the world of TTSMaker and enjoy high-quality, versatile text-to-speech conversion for various applications.

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