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Introducing 'TTS Ebook Reader': Transform your ebooks into audiobooks with ease.

Introducing the TTS Ebook Reader


The ‘TTS Ebook Reader’, a Chrome extension utilizing Google’s Text to Speech technology, transforms ebooks into audio format. This feature allows you to listen to books while reading them. It is compatible with several leading ebook platforms:

  • Amazon Kindle Reader
  • Google Play Books
  • Overdrive Library Service
  • Scribd
  • Project Gutenberg

Key Features

  • One-click audio conversion of ebooks
  • Automatic page turning with highlighted text for current reading
  • Integration with global media controls for convenience
  • Auto-detection of ebook language, selecting the appropriate voice for playback
  • Multi-language support including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese
  • Customization options for dialects such as American/British English, or variants of Chinese (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
  • Adjustable reading speed and volume settings
  • A selection of themes to suit user preferences

Trial and Subscription

Enjoy a free trial where the beginning of each book is fully accessible. New Google account users receive a one-week free trial. Post-trial, a monthly subscription is available to maintain full feature access.

Try TTS Ebook Reader Text to Speech

Supports Kindle,Google Play,Scribd,Overdrive and Gutenberg, powered by Google TTS (Text to Speech), turns ebooks into audible books.