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Unlock a powerful text manipulation and translation tool right in your browser with this extension.

This extension offers powerful capabilities for manipulating and interacting with text on webpages, including language translation and speech using Google Translate and Google TTS services. Its key features include:

  • Translation with HTML Formatting: Translate selected text into an HTML-formatted popup that maintains the same style as the webpage.
  • Position Control: Easily create and position translation popups with a translation key (T), and switch between target and source languages with a single click.
  • Interactive Resizing and Moving: Resize and move translation popups intuitively with Ctrl and Shift key combinations.
  • Experimental TTS Support: Enjoy Google TTS voice on supported languages with the TTS key (V).
  • User-Friendly Interface: Delete popups with a double-click, and benefit from smooth color coding for source, target languages, and data loading status.
  • Real-Time Language Changes: Switch between multiple target and source languages on the same webpage, with user settings updated in real-time without the need to refresh the page.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers internationalization messages in English and Czech, among other languages.

Experience seamless text manipulation and translation directly within your browser with this feature-rich extension.

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Manipulation, language translation and speak any html selection range on webpage using Goole Translate and Google TTS service.