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Elevate your YouTube viewing experience with our 'YouTube Subtitles Speaker and Translator' extension, a tool that brings text subtitles to life using advanced AI technology.

This extension transforms YouTube text subtitles into lifelike speech using AI technology.

Discover a tool that converts YouTube video subtitles into spoken words with a Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine. Leveraging Google and Microsoft’s AI technologies, it offers more than 100 voice options across various languages and dialects.

🚀Features: ** User-friendly: Activate or deactivate with just a click. ** Diverse languages: Access voices in numerous languages. ** Compatible subtitles: Works with various subtitle formats.

🚀Usage instructions: *Attach the ‘YouTube Subtitles Speaker and Translator’ extension to your browser’s toolbar. Click the extension icon on the Chrome toolbar and go to the YouTube video’s details page. *When subtitles are available on a YouTube video, a voice symbol will show up. *You can then choose the UI language and the preferred voice language.

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Extension convert text subtitles for YouTube into natural-sounding speech using AI technologies.