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Year Founded in 2001

CEO CEO: Priit Vaikmaa

Headquarters HQ: United States

Welcome to Textmagic, your one-stop solution for converting text into speech effortlessly.

Textmagic: Complimentary Text-to-Speech Tool

Effortlessly transform written text into spoken words using our free text-to-speech tool. This versatile feature supports over 50 languages, allowing you to hear your text in a variety of voices.

Guidelines for Utilizing Textmagic’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) Feature Our TTS reader is designed to vocalize any text you enter, supporting more than 50 languages. For popular languages like English, multiple voice options are available.

Step 1: Enter your text into the input field or upload a text file. Step 2: Select your preferred language and voice. Experiment with different voices if available to find the one that suits you best. Step 3: Adjust the reading speed. You can customize the voice to read faster or slower than the standard pace. Step 4: Choose your text font. Opt for a smaller font for lengthy texts to minimize scrolling, or a larger font for better readability during speech playback. Step 5: Verify your human identity by checking the “I’m not a robot” box. Step 6: Click the play button to listen to your text. Step 7: Obtain a shareable link or download the audio as an mp3 file. Our TTS produces clear, easily understandable audio.

50 Language Options Our TTS tool features a wide range of languages with natural-sounding voices, catering to a global audience. We’ve included languages from:

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • East Asia
  • South-East Asia
  • Middle Asia (India)
  • North America

Advantages of Text-to-Speech Technology TTS offers invaluable assistance to individuals with reading, visual, or speech challenges. For instance:

  • Visually impaired users benefit from audible text.
  • Individuals with dyslexia find text-to-speech helpful for better text comprehension.
  • Children with reading difficulties can follow lessons more easily.
  • Those with severe speech impairments can communicate through typed text converted to speech.

Additional Applications of Text-to-Speech:

  • Language learners can improve pronunciation and fluency.
  • Multilingual families can overcome language barriers.
  • Busy individuals can stay informed while multitasking.

Understanding Text-to-Speech Text-to-speech converts typed text into audible speech. It’s an assistive technology for those with reading, visual, and speech challenges, as well as a productivity aid.

How Text-to-Speech Functions TTS tools utilize speech synthesis, piecing together human speech snippets from extensive libraries to create a seamless and natural-sounding voice.

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