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Welcome to the Text Tools Extension: Your All-in-One Solution for Free and Essential Text Formatting Tools!

Unlock the Power of Free Text Tools All in One Place!

Introducing the Text Tools Extension, your one-stop solution for a comprehensive collection of essential text formatting tools. This free extension combines a plethora of valuable resources to enhance your work experience, and it even grants you direct access to over 50 additional free tools at MadeInText.com.

Explore a world of text manipulation with these key features:

  • Fancy Text Generator: Create stylish text with various Unicode font styles for easy copying and pasting.
  • Image to Text (OCR): Convert scanned images into editable text effortlessly.
  • Text Case Converter: Transform your text into different letter cases, including UPPER CASE, lower case, Title Case, Sentence case, and Capital Case.
  • Text to Speech (TTS): Quickly convert text into speech with just a few clicks.
  • Text Analyzer: Count characters, spaces, words, unique words, shortest and longest words, sentences, and paragraphs with precision.
  • Find and Replace: Seamlessly replace one string with another.
  • Repeat Text: Generate repeated text as many times as needed.
  • Text Cleaner: Easily format your text by removing line breaks and unnecessary double spaces.
  • Reverse Text Generator: Flip words and paragraphs to read them in reverse.
  • Syllable Counter: Determine the total number of syllables in any word or sentence.
  • Text Symbols: Access a wide array of special fancy text symbols, letters, and characters.
  • Text Decode and Encode: Convert text into a percent-encoded string and decode encoded text effortlessly.
  • Word Counter: Instantly tally words, characters, and sentences with the online word counter tool.
  • Random Words Generator: Generate random nouns, verbs, and adjectives to stimulate creative ideas.
  • Word Frequency Counter: Analyze word frequency usage within your text.

Best of all, every tool in this collection is completely free and requires no memberships or subscriptions. Elevate your text formatting and manipulation game today with the Text Tools Extension!

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All-In-One free and useful text tools collection.

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