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CEO CEO: Tim, Bryan, and Sammy

Unlock the power of language with the Text-to-Speech Highlighter, your free and easy-to-use tool for translating or vocalizing selected text.

Select and right-click text for instant translation or vocalization!

The Text-to-Speech Highlighter is a complimentary tool that vocalizes or translates the text you select. It supports over 70 languages and dialects using HTML5’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Simply select the text, right-click, and choose the “Speak” option. In just two clicks, it’s easy and fast! For translations before reading, click the extension icon and select “Translate before Speech” to convert the selected text into your preferred language.

This extension is tailored for language learners, individuals navigating new environments, and anyone struggling with reading. Our feature that alternates reading speed helps with comprehension. Whether you’re dealing with texts in your ancestral language or adapting as an international student, this tool is designed with your needs in mind. For dyslexic users, it’s here to simplify your reading.

Options: Explore a range of dialects in the advanced settings by clicking on the extension icon. Choose your specific dialect, like Cantonese/Yue for Chinese characters, and adjust text speed, volume, and your native language. Opt to slow down the speech for better understanding.

Commands: To stop the speech at any time, use Alt+P (Command+P on Mac).

Try Text-to-Speech Highlighter Text to Speech

Highlight and right click text to translate/voice!