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Experience the future of text-to-speech with TTSFree.com, your go-to online solution for transforming text into natural-sounding voices.

Experience the power of TTSFree.com, your go-to online text-to-speech solution that’s absolutely free. Transform text into natural-sounding voices and enjoy the convenience of free mp3 downloads. Our three-step process makes text-to-speech conversion quick and easy:

  1. Input Text-to-Speech: Customize your speech by adjusting pitch, voice speed, and volume to your preference. Whether you want it faster or slower, take control of your voice.
  2. Select Language & Voice: Choose the language and reader you need to convert text to mp3. Adjust volume, voice speed, and tailor it to your liking.
  3. Convert & Download MP3: Experience a swift conversion process resulting in mp3 format. Download your converted speech for immediate use.

TTSFree.com leverages AI technology, offering over 200 standard AI voices and natural human-like voices in over 50 languages globally. You can use our voices for various purposes, from work projects to creating engaging videos for platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, or personal websites. Our TTS is powered by cutting-edge AI and ML technologies from Google and Microsoft, allowing us to create highly human-like customizable voices with control over sounds, speed, pitch, volume, pauses, emphasis, audio format, and audio profiles.

Use Cases:

  • Utilize TTSFree for YouTube videos, podcasts, broadcasting, and audiobooks.
  • Enhance e-learning materials with lifelike audio.
  • Boost sales and social media engagement.
  • Improve call centers and IVR systems with natural voice interactions.

At TTSFree.com, your intellectual rights always belong to you, allowing you to redistribute your audio files freely, even after your subscription expires. Experience the future of text-to-speech with TTSFree.com today.

PREMIUM $20/month $200 billed yearly

  • Up to 40.000 chars per convert
  • Unlimited converts
  • 10 million characters / month
  • 200+ Voices, Premium voice
  • Wavenet voice (TTS Server 1)
  • Neural2 voice (TTS Server 1)
  • News voice (TTS Server 1)
  • 60+ Languages
  • Dedicated Support
  • Supports SSML
  • Smart Editor (Coming soon)
  • Add music background
  • No Ads

BASIC $5/month $50 billed yearly

  • Up to 10.000 chars per convert
  • Unlimited converts
  • 2 million characters / month
  • 200+ Voices
  • 50+ Languages
  • Dedicated Support
  • Supports SSML
  • Smart Editor (Coming soon)
  • Add music background


  • Up to 2000 chars per convert
  • 100 converts / day
  • 500.000 characters / month
  • 100+ Voices
  • 30+ Languages
  • Dedicated Support


  • Upto 500 chars per convert
  • 50 converts / day
  • 50+ Voices
  • 20+ Languages
  • Dedicated Support

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Text to speech online free. Converter text to voice with natural sounding voices.

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