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Welcome to our Dynamic Text to Speech Service, where your words are not just read but brought to life in the most captivating way!

Elevate Your Text with Our Dynamic Text to Speech Service! Transform your words into captivating, natural-sounding audio. Choose from an impressive range of 178 voices and fine-tune the speech to your liking with adjustable pitch and rate.

Key Features:

  • Expansive Voice Library: Select from 178 diverse voices.
  • Global Accent & Language Variety: Voices available in 63 accents and languages.
  • Offline Accessibility: No internet connection needed.
  • Customizable Speech: Alter the pitch and rate as desired.
  • Speak-as-You-Type: Immediate vocalization of typed text.
  • Text Highlighting: Follow along as text is read aloud.
  • Favorite Phrases: Save and categorize your preferred phrases.
  • Phrase Folders: Organize favorites into tailored folders.
  • Audio Export: Convert speech to audio files.
  • Call Integration: Blend speech into phone conversations.
  • Personal Voice Support: Compatible with personal voices (iOS 17 required).

Global Voice Options: Our extensive selection covers languages and dialects from around the world. Here’s a snapshot of our global offerings:

  • Languages Across Continents: From the diverse tongues of Asia, like Chinese in its various dialects (Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and Japanese, to the European languages including French (France, Canada, Belgium) and Spanish (Spain, Mexico, Argentina).
  • English Varieties: Catering to English speakers globally with accents from the UK, USA, Australia, India, and more.
  • Rare Finds: Unique language options like Basque, Galician, and Shanghainese.
  • Regional Dialects: Explore a range of accents from countries like India (Bengali, Hindi, Marathi) and China (Mandarin, Shanghainese).

With this plethora of voices and features, your text will not just be read but will come alive in the most engaging and personalized way!

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