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Looking for a simple way to have text read aloud to you? Our one-click text-to-speech software offers automatic language detection and convenient keyboard shortcuts for activation.

Interested in having text audibly read to you?

Activate text-to-speech effortlessly with just one click.

Automatically identifies the source language (eliminating the need to specify the language repeatedly).

Initiate text-to-speech by pressing the “Alt”, “T”, or “Insert” key.

Visually tracks the text being read with highlighted selection during speech playback.

Download the spoken text as .mp3 files directly to your PC Hard Disk or Google Drive.

Give our software a try. It’s completely free, and you can effortlessly retrieve the test outputs to your hard drive or Google Drive.

Try Text to Speech

Want to listen to some text being read out to you? Easy one-click text-to-speech activation.