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Year Founded in 2017

CEO CEO: Ben Damari

Headquarters HQ: Israel

Discover a more focused and comfortable reading experience with ReadBee, a Chrome extension designed to transform cluttered web pages into simplified, reader-friendly formats.

Experience a clutter-free reading environment with any article from any site using a streamlined text or read mode. This convenient reader strips away unnecessary elements for a focused reading experience.

Why opt for Reader Mode?

Reader Mode is an integrated feature in some browsers that simplifies web pages by eliminating ads, navigation bars, videos, and buttons, highlighting the core text and images for a more readable format. Here’s how you can activate reader mode in Google Chrome.

One method to alleviate screen fatigue is by minimizing the contrast between the text and the background. Easy ReadBee – text reader offers a screen overlay with various color options. You can also adjust the text color for an even more comfortable reading experience with this simple reading mode extension.

ReadBee, a Chrome extension, is crafted to make engaging with text, articles, and web pages more comfortable, offering a reader-friendly view that mitigates eye strain, often unnoticed until it’s difficult to focus on lengthy texts.

Activating the reader view in Chrome removes extraneous content, leaving you with the primary text and images, based on your preferences. It effectively hides most of the website’s navigation elements.

Note that ReadBee’s viewing mode is most effective for content-rich web pages. Additional tools atop the page allow you to customize your ReadBee experience, adjusting the background color, font size, font family, and line width for an optimal reader view.

Additionally, utilizing reader modes to declutter pages before printing can help save ink.

In summary, ReadBee enables online text reading without ads and distractions, offering a clean and consistent reading view across all sites, focusing solely on text and images.

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Simplified text mode/read mode for any article from the site without unnecessary things. Convenient reader