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Experience the convenience of web browsing with Talkify, an extension that transforms your active website into an auditory delight.

Listen to your current website read aloud using Talkify, an extension that enhances your web experience with high-quality voice narrations in your preferred language.

  • Streamlined Talkify Integration: This extension effortlessly connects with the renowned Talkify text to speech service, opening your active tab in a new Talkify-enabled tab for easy listening.
  • One-Click Audio Conversion: With just a single click, you can transform almost any webpage into an audible format.
  • Support for Numerous Languages: Talkify supports an extensive range of languages, making it a versatile tool for diverse users.
  • Enhanced Listening Features: The service improves comprehension with features like text highlighting and natural-sounding voices, ideal for students and individuals with visual impairments.

Talkify is more than just a text-to-speech service; it’s an accessibility enhancer, making web content more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

Try Talkify Text to Speech

Reads your active web site aloud in Talkify. Enjoy listening to web sites with high quality voices in your favourite language.

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