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Year Founded in 2016

CEO CEO: Joel Purra

Immerse yourself in a seamless auditory web experience with our advanced text-to-speech tool, available in over 40 languages.

Experience swift, effortless, and superior text-to-speech functionality in over 40 languages. This tool enables you to audibly read content from websites, PDFs, and emails. Elevate your experience by utilizing TTS technology.

Install Additional Voices

Enhance your experience with new voices, languages, and dialects available at no cost from sources like Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Talkie will recognize them automatically once installed properly.

  • Windows 11: Navigate to Settings → Time & Language → Language & Region
  • Windows 10: Go to Settings → Time & Language → Language
  • macOS: Access System Preferences → Accessibility → Speech → System voice → Customize…
  • ChromeOS: Head to Settings → Manage accessibility features → Text-to-Speech voice settings → Speech Engines

How to Use

  1. Highlight the text you wish to hear on any web page.
  2. Press the Talkie button in your browser bar.

Alternatively, right-click the selected text and choose Talkie from the context menu. This method is also effective in PDF files and certain special Chrome page types.

Shortcut Keys

Utilize Talkie shortcut keys for convenience:

  • ⌘+Shift+A on macOS
  • Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
  • ⌘+Shift+1 or Ctrl+Shift+1 for clipboard reading in any application (Talkie Premium feature)


  • Listen to selected text from any part of a page, be it a brief sentence or a full article. Just highlight and hit play.
  • Per-page automatic text language detection, selecting a matching voice for a cohesive listening experience.
  • Privacy-centric, avoiding unnecessary tracking or external services.


  • Leverages your browser’s inherent Web Speech API for TTS, known as Speech Synthesis.
  • All text and speech are processed in-browser, typically on your device without server reliance.
  • The range of available voices may vary by your operating system, browser, browser version, and other installed software/extensions.
  • Custom voices via Speech Application Programming Interface (SAPI) are generally supported, though not all have been verified.

Upgrade to Talkie Premium!

  • Choose your preferred voice for each language! ☑ Customize speed and pitch for each language!
  • Access the feature to read text from the clipboard in any application!

Talkie: free 0$

  • free to use as much as you like

Talkie Premium

  • You choose how much you want to pay, depending on how much the additional features are worth to you

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Fast, easy, high-quality text to speech in over 40 languages. Read out loud from websites, PDF, email. Speak text with TTS.