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Year Founded in 2011

CEO CEO: Darrin Altman

Introducing Talk For Me - Text to Speech, the ultimate communication aid for iPhone and iPad users.

Text to Speech Available for iPhone and iPad Ideal for Phone Calls and FaceTime

Text to Speech is a swift and straightforward communication aid, utilizing a variety of Apple’s advanced voices in multiple languages.

Communicating without the ability to speak is challenging. Developed by someone who experienced this firsthand, Talk For Me – Text to Speech aims to simplify your life. Just type or tap one of the six main custom buttons, and your iOS device will articulate for you. For more tailored phrases, swipe up for additional pages of editable buttons, or store sentences in an archive for quick access. The Auto Speech Function speaks words or letters as you type them, complemented by keyboard shortcuts, predictive text, and your personalized phrases for effortless communication.

• NEW Feature: Send Speech to Active Calls on iPhone (Perfect for phone calls and FaceTime!)

• NEW Option: Create a Personal Voice with iOS 17 and use it within the app.

• No need for an internet connection.

• Completely Ad-Free

• Multiple Voices*, including the renowned Alex voice**

• High-Quality Enhanced & Premium Voices***.

• Optional Auto Speech Function – Vocalizes text as it’s entered.

• Semi-Auto Speech Function – The return key speaks typed text.

• Punctuation Recognition – Understands commas, question marks, and exclamation points.

• Undo Feature – Easily corrects accidental clear button taps.

• Adjustable speech rate slider.

• Pause Button for controlled speech.

• Customizable Quick Access Buttons (swipe up)

• Long press to title, set custom phrases, and choose voices for buttons.

• Archive database for storing and retrieving phrases or sentence fragments.

• Easy access to your archive (swipe left).

• Supports both Portrait and Landscape Orientations.

• User-friendly large buttons.

Languages supported include English (US, AU, UK), Spanish (MX, ES), German, French (FR), Dutch (BE, NL), Chinese (CN, HK, TW), Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese (BR, PT).

The Alex voice is exclusively English (US). To use it, download it to your iOS device via Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices > English > and select Alex.

For enhanced and premium quality voices, go to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Voices on your iOS device, and tap to download the enhanced or premium version of your chosen voice. If available, the premium version will be used.

Pricing $1.99

  • Support for English (US, AU, UK), Chinese (CN, HK, TW), Dutch (BE, NL), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (BR, PT) & Spanish (MX, ES)
  • Customizable home screen
  • Customizable sections -- Food, People, Places, Phrases, Entertainment, Sports, Numbers, Medical, and Personal Information
  • Keyboard Input
  • Large On Screen Keyboard
  • Adjust Rate of Speech Adjust Voice (based on PCs installed voices).
  • Works great with touch, mouse and keyboard and pen (depending on your device)

Try Talk For Me Text to Speech

Text to Speech is fast, simple and will help you to communicate with ease. Uses many of Apple's enhanced voices in several different languages.

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