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Welcome to our innovative Text-to-Speech tool for web browsers, a simple yet powerful extension designed to read aloud text from your current tab.

Utilize the Text-to-Speech feature for the text on your current tab, powered by the Web Speech API.

How to Use:

  1. Highlight the text you wish to have read aloud.
  2. Click the PageAction icon (identified by a black “reading” icon in the top right corner) and then click the “Speech” button.

Control Options:

  • Stop: Click to halt the reading.
  • Pause: Temporarily pause the reading.
  • Resume: Continue the reading from where you paused.

Note from the Author: As a Japanese developer with limited proficiency in foreign languages, contributions, especially in translation and correction, are greatly appreciated.

Try TabSpeech Text to Speech

Text-to-Speech the text in the displayed tab using Web Speech API.