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Discover the ease of breaking language barriers with our Tab Translate extension, designed to seamlessly convert text between languages and enhance your linguistic skills.

Effortlessly convert text between languages and enhance your language proficiency.

This extension encapsulates optimal approaches for utilizing language translation tools for both professional and educational contexts. The tools offered aid in bridging language gaps and fostering more effective communication across diverse languages, all while being anchored in the latest Manifest V3 (MV3) technology.

Modes: • Pop-up translation: A convenient pop-up displaying the translated text. • Split screen: A divided view between your browser and the translation tool. • One tab: A dedicated tab for all your translation needs.

Engage with the Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature to grasp the pronunciation of words. Moreover, translate entire web pages into your preferred language with a mere click.

Tab Translate is driven by the Google Translate API, distinguishing itself with unique features and advantages.

Why use it?

✓ Quick and agile: Experience prompt translations and fluid functionality.

✓ Diverse modes: Tailor your translation experience with various functional modes.

✓ Adapts to different content: Works seamlessly with web pages, local documents, PDFs, and more.

✓ Study aid: An invaluable resource for students translating study materials, facilitating easier and more effective language learning.

✓ Intuitive design: A straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface.

This extension intuitively recognizes your primary language and is operational immediately post-installation.

Try Tab Translate Text to Speech

Easily translate selected text from one language to another and improve your language skills.