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Year Founded in 2020

CEO CEO: Michael Bond

Headquarters HQ: Ohio

Spoken is a specialized app created to assist literate teens and adults who struggle with speech due to conditions like aphasia, nonverbal autism, or after effects of a stroke.

Spoken is an innovative app designed for individuals with speech and language disorders like aphasia, nonverbal autism, or those recovering from a stroke. It enables users to communicate effectively by building sentences on a phone or tablet, which the app then speaks out loud in a variety of natural-sounding voices. Key features include a user-friendly interface for easy sentence construction, predictive speech capabilities for expressing complex emotions and extensive vocabulary, and the ability to save and quickly access common phrases. Spoken aims to reduce isolation and empower users, including those with ALS, cerebral palsy, or Parkinson’s, to engage more fully in life.

Premium for Life $249.99 one-time purchase


Yearly $99.99 /year


Monthly $12.99 /month


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