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Year Founded in 2016

CEO CEO: Jeffrey Baker

Harness the power of your voice with Speech Recognition Anywhere, a versatile browser extension for Chrome and Edge.

Leverage Voice Recognition to effortlessly populate forms and transcribe emails via speech-to-text. Command the internet using tailored voice prompts!

Harness your voice to navigate the internet. Employ voice recognition to seamlessly fill out online forms and compose documents! Convert spoken words into text for emails!

Speech Recognition Anywhere enhances Chrome and Edge’s Web Speech API, enabling users to navigate the internet and complete documents and forms vocally. With straightforward voice commands, users can visit websites, click buttons and links, and it’s compatible with platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word online, Gmail, and outlook.com. It’s widely used by medical professionals to complete online medical records and by business professionals to dictate correspondence. Users can also craft custom commands for efficient text input.

Visit seabreezecomputers.com/speech for further details on custom commands and scripts.


  • Browser add-on for Chrome or Edge
  • Selection from a wide range of languages and dialects for voice recognition
  • Vocal dictation for emails and digital documents
  • Voice-driven form completion
  • Navigate form fields using voice commands
  • Vocal commands to visit specific web pages
  • Voice control to switch tabs and navigate pages
  • Scroll up or down using voice
  • Vocalize clicks on links and buttons
  • Voice commands for Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Highlight
  • Say “Show labels” to visualize button labels on a webpage
  • Say “Show numbers” to number links and buttons
  • Instantly play music on YouTube with voice commands
  • Text to Speech (tts)
  • Three tailored voice commands
  • Scripting capabilities


  • Activate with specific Voice Wake Up Phrases (e.g., ‘Ok Google’, ‘Computer’)
  • Auto-start with Chrome and run in the background
  • Automatic submission of search queries
  • Halt voice recognition when a tab is playing audio
  • Virtual Assistant Mode
  • Keep the system and screen awake while in use
  • Unlimited tailored voice commands
  • Automatic punctuation
  • Export/Import of custom commands

NOTE: Due to browser restrictions, this extension doesn’t operate on special browser pages or respective Web Stores, preventing voice-directed reviews directly on these platforms.

TIP: If you encounter issues with speech recognition on a webpage, refreshing the page or restarting your computer often resolves the problem.

Disclaimer of Warranty: Sea Breeze Computers does not assure this product or service’s performance. This extension relies on browsers’ built-in Web Speech API for voice recognition, so the quality and reliability of the voice recognition service cannot be guaranteed.

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Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!