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Introducing "Speech Recognition Anywhere 365," the ultimate subscription for voice-powered web navigation and document handling.

Leverage Voice Recognition for seamless form completion and email dictation with speech-to-text. Navigate the web effortlessly with personalized voice commands!

Introducing “Speech Recognition Anywhere 365” – Your Subscription to Voice-Powered Browsing.

With “Speech Recognition Anywhere,” navigate the web, fill out forms, and create documents using your voice. Dictate emails efficiently with our speech-to-text feature!

This tool enhances the Web Speech API capabilities in Chrome and Edge, enabling voice control for internet browsing and document handling. Use straightforward voice commands to visit websites, click buttons, and more. It’s compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Word online, Gmail, outlook.com, and is particularly useful for medical professionals filling out online records and business professionals dictating correspondence. Plus, craft custom commands for quicker text input.

What’s New? “Speech Recognition Anywhere” now boasts text-to-speech, custom voice commands, and scripting. Visit seabreezecomputers.com/speech for details.


  • Chrome or Edge browser extension
  • Choose from a wide array of languages for voice recognition
  • Voice-driven email and document dictation
  • Vocal form completion
  • Navigation through voice commands
  • Interactive webpage voice control
  • Text-to-Speech feature
  • Up to three custom voice commands
  • Scripting capability


  • Activate with a chosen Wake Up Phrase
  • Auto-start with Chrome (Always Listening mode)
  • Operate in the background
  • Auto-submit search fields
  • Pause if other audio plays
  • Virtual Assistant Mode
  • Prevent system and screen from sleeping
  • Unlimited custom voice commands
  • Auto punctuation
  • Import/Export custom commands

Please note that this extension can’t operate on certain special browser pages due to restrictions, not limitations of the extension itself.

If you encounter any issues with speech recognition on a particular webpage, try refreshing the page or restarting your computer.

Disclaimer: Sea Breeze Computers does not guarantee the performance of this service. As it relies on built-in browser Web Speech API, the quality and ongoing functionality of the speech recognition service can’t be assured.

Try Speech Recognition Anywhere 365 Text to Speech

Use Voice Recognition to fill out forms and dictate email with speech to text. Control the Internet with custom voice commands!