CEO CEO: Ivan Ičin

Discover SPEECH CENTRAL, the world's leading text-to-speech app, designed to bring your texts to life across a multitude of formats, from PDFs and web articles to books and emails.

SPEECH CENTRAL The premier text-to-speech application in the world.

AUDIO PDF Experience the original as you listen.

WEB AUDIO Synchronize with Pocket for seamless listening.

AUDIO BOOKS Supports Epub, Fb2 formats.

AUDIO EVERYTHING From Word documents to exported emails.

Dedication to Excellence Unmatched feature set While every app has its strengths and weaknesses, Speech Central stands out with its comprehensive suite of features, making it the top choice in its category.

We’ve compared over 100 features across the three leading text-to-speech apps to demonstrate our superiority. See the comparison for yourself.

Incredible Value On both iOS and Android, the app is entirely free for light users, with all features available. For those seeking unlimited access, we offer a competitively priced one-time purchase that outmatches any other offer.

Personalize Your Experience With over 40 settings and customizations, Speech Central provides an unrivaled level of personalization, ensuring that no other voice reader app can offer what we do.

Multi-Platform Availability Available more widely than any other app, you can find Speech Central on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Mac (both M1 and Intel), and Windows.

Supporting the Community Unique in our field, Speech Central is completely free for blind users. We believe in giving back to the community, and your regular patronage helps us continue this mission!

Free Offers In-App Purchases

  • The best PDF support in text to speech apps
  • The best web support in text to speech apps
  • The widest support for documents/office and e-book formats.
  • Knowledge and text annotation tools built-in.
  • Import the text from the physical books with the camera.
  • The widest choice of options to customize the voice, appearance and various other parameters.
  • Export the text to the audio file.

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