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Meet Slang, your free tool for turning text into speech effortlessly.

Transform text into spoken words with the Text to Voice Converter, a professional Chrome extension designed for effortless text-to-speech conversion. This tool is an essential daily feature for educators, students, professionals, and content creators, allowing for multitasking and accessibility.

  • Professional Chrome Extension: Easily convert any text into speech directly from your browser.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Ideal for various users, enabling activities like note-taking or physical exercise while listening to text content.
  • Key Features of Text to Voice Converter:
    • Online Text Reader: Efficiently listen to webpage content or documents in voice form, saving time for kids, content creators, and professionals.
    • Multilingual & Natural Voice: Compatible with nearly all world languages, converting text into clear, natural-sounding speech.
    • Selective Skipping: Unique feature to skip undesired paragraphs from being converted into audio.
    • Resume Capability: Pick up right where you left off without needing to start over, thanks to the smart pause-and-resume feature.
  • How to Use:
    • Install the extension by clicking ‘Add to Chrome.’
    • Visit any webpage and a pop-up will appear.
    • Customize Voice & Font settings as desired.
    • Press play to start listening to the text in audio format.

Elevate your reading experience and multitask like never before with the Text to Voice Converter.

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Text to voice converter is a professional Chrome extension that can convert any text into speech.