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Speak4Me is a dynamic text-to-speech app that easily converts text from various sources like PDFs, books, and web articles into spoken words.

Speak4Me is a versatile text-to-speech app that transforms any text into audible speech. Here’s what makes Speak4Me stand out:

  • Wide Range of Voices: Choose from a variety of male and female voices in over 20 languages and accents.
  • Versatile Text Input: Convert PDFs, books, web articles, messages, and more into speech.
  • User-Friendly: Ideal for those looking to read faster, improve productivity, or multitask by taking reading on the go.
  • Accessibility Support: Great for individuals with dyslexia or vocal expression challenges.
  • Creative Uses: Create voiceovers for videos, customer support, or even pranks.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust voice speed, font size, and enable dyslexia-friendly fonts.
  • Save and Share: Keep favorite phrases and share your speech as an audio file across various platforms.

With regular updates and new features like PDF and epub conversion on the horizon, Speak4Me is not just an app but a growing community for enhanced reading and comprehension.

Subscription details include monthly and yearly options, with easy management through your iTunes Account.

Speak4Me Pro Yearly $99.99


Speak4Me Pro Yearly $79.99


Speak4Me Pro Monthly $12.99


Speak4Me Pro Weekly $4.99


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