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Headquarters HQ: Australia

Introducing the Speak Text Extension, a handy tool that brings text-to-speech capabilities to any website you browse.

The Speak Text Extension: Transforming Text into Speech on Any Website

The Speak Text extension is a versatile tool that effortlessly converts text to speech on any website. Simply select the text – be it a word or a paragraph – and let the extension read it aloud for you. Additionally, it offers a unique feature on the new tab page where you can paste text into a provided field to listen to it or even search for it. This extension is both useful and convenient for all users.

By adding the Speak Text extension to Chrome, you agree to set Chrome™ New Tab, Homepage, and Default Search according to the service’s provision, with search results powered by Bing, adhering to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Key Features:

  • TTS Speech Engine: Utilizes high-quality text-to-speech technology for clear and natural voice reading of any selected text.
  • Speech Stop Function: Allows you to stop the speech playback at any moment.
  • Toggle ON/OFF: Offers flexibility to enable or disable the extension as needed.
  • Completely Free: Enjoy all these features at no cost.
  • Human-like Voice Quality: The speech generated is not only free but also closely resembles human speech, ensuring clarity and comprehensibility.

Try Speak Text Text to Speech

Speak Text converts selected text into speech.